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Front row with Thando Ntozini (0k1oner) of yutes.jpg

Photography by 'Ceerius Bizness' (@0k1oner & @kultwano._)

Front row with Thando Ntozini (0k1oner) of yutes.jpg

Through the progression of time, old ways of life begin to wither – being at the forefront of all tech advancements and the digitization of well… everything. The relationships we’ve formed begin to “evolve”, or rather mutate, given the current zeitgeist. We’re highly exposed to one another's being & actualize false ideas based off the knowledge we hold, forming parasocial relationships. Thando Ntozini, adorned as '0k1oner' and founder of 'yutes.jpg', is an artist that bridges between this disconnect – forming an intimate relationship between an image and the viewer.

Photography by @kultwano._

Thando is a visual artist, born in Klerksdorp with her formative creative years being in Johannesburg, and now currently residing in Cape Town. I am one of the few people who became familiar with her during said formative years. Her progression & growth have personally served as a motif within her work. The comfort in exploring her versatility in what she chooses to capture – from emoting an organic spirit in her staged work to a structured feel in her impulsive photos. Throughout yutes.jpg’s catalogue, she has invited us to immerse ourselves into her being and multiplicity.

Photography by @0k1oner

To quote Solange: “I cannot be a singular expression of myself.” and this is similarly the case with Loner. It's the ability to actualize her multiplicity, through her style and fashion, hidden talents and expression, as well as eclectic taste and style. So, as our next interviewee on the FRM Blog, Thando Ntozini speaks to us about her superpowers, first loves & expression, and more, as we delve into her insatiable hunger for creating, and are gifted the opportunity to sit in on her feelings, thoughts and self.

Photography by @0k1oner

Would you mind telling us who you are and give a short description of what you do ?

0k1oner: Yo’ the govi is Thando but the babes know me as 'loner' or 'thandrich' and I’m a ghetto fabulous visual media artist, from the 018. I am the mother of the photography & videography page, yutes.jpg – its name was actually inspired by my favorite UK subcultures, as well as the film photography scene. I’m also a co-founder of an upcoming creative hub called 'Ceerius Bizness'. I’m a fashion media & art student, as well as design enthusiast. I’m really just a swag lord.

Photography by @slxck.93, edited by @0k1oner

Do you have a secret talent/skill?

0k1oner: Oh yes of course, I definitely have somewhat of a secret talent. It's only secret because not a lot of people know about it (so it’s not necessarily confidential) but I am an award-winning ballet and tap dance dancer, as well as an award-winning violinist, well only for the beginner grade because I only started playing it in high school, so yeah. But how I actually see it is that I actually have a superpower, and I think my superpower is memory. I accumulated a good memory as a toddler – I was like really good at general knowledge, and I remember things in detail, like really good detail.

When did you know you were born to create?

0k1oner: You know when? The Moon was in Cancer, the Sun was in Sagittarius and Venus was in Gemini – and "Pula" (rain) was pouring. From the day I was born, from the day my mom, my favorite being on this planet, had me – I knew I was a creative. I’ve just… been. Ever since I was a toddler, from doing ballet to doing tap, getting Top Model fashion books and a lot of fashion magazines.

What does your creative process entail?

0k1oner: I don’t really know how to answer this, so I’m just gonna put it all out there and say whatever’s on my mind. I took this other BuzzFeed quiz on what movement would you be part of if you were a film maker. I got "New wave French film director" – it said as a natural artist I have a poetic approach to life and that my aesthetic is extremely import to me. Beyond the filmmaking, my creative pallet is all about style – from the costumes, to the art direction, to the music. I want to create an experiential vibe that’s absolutely iconic. The work is important to me so it’s essential to have people on my team who can bring out my vision. I don’t compromise my creative vision. If I do, it's going to be a mess. It also entails indulging in my favorite playlists – my work is inspired by music & music videos, plus I also consume a lot of memes, media, trend articles, etc. Whatever I’m taking in, I wanna shit out to the world, and my intense nostalgia, revisiting my old work and a lot of my memories serve as part of my creative process. That’s how I come up with concepts.

Photography and edits by @0k1oner

Besides photography, do you find yourself interested in other streams of creation and expression?

0k1oner: Honestly, anything that gets me to work with my hands, I do. I really like tangible tasks and things, I really love visuals. Painting, sculpting, upcycling, dyeing my hair, drawing – I’m just a crafty babe. I come from a family of really crafty people.

Speaking figuratively of course, have you found your first love?

0k1oner: I love this question. Uhmmm... yes and her name is fashion, she is mother. I’d say fashion is my first love, we’ve just rekindled our relationship and were working towards something together. We want to start a family finally so do with that what you must.

Photography by @0k1oner

Thank you for speaking to us. Lastly, we’d love to know why you’d chosen to engage in this conversation with FRM?

0k1oner: Okay, last question. Uhm why? This whole experience in why I chose to accept this interview, this honor – I’m fulfilling a manifestion, I’m pleasing my inner child. Also FRM is like – let me just say I have a strong appreciation for creatives who love other creatives and put each other on. It's also like part of the ethos of yutes.jpg: I’m for the yutes, I’m for the kids. This is just on brand, FRM is my kind of platform. I hold it to an esteem. And also, who wouldn’t wanna get to know me?

Photography by @0k1oner

Photography by @kultwano._


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